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**BCV Movers Services Contract**

This comprehensive Moving Services Contract outlines the terms and conditions governing the relationship between BCV Movers LLC, hereafter referred to as "BCV Movers," and the client. This agreement encompasses a detailed scope of services, customer responsibilities, additional charges, payment terms, and other pertinent provisions. Below are the refined and robust sections:

1. **Description of Services:**
1.1 BCV Movers commit to transporting belongings from the origin to the agreed-upon

1.2 The services provided will extend from the time BCV Movers leaves its office to the time

they arrive back.
1.3 BCV Movers will supply experienced movers and necessary equipment for the entire job. 1.4 Belongings will be meticulously packed as outlined in the accepted estimate.
1.5 The disassembly and reassembly of heavy furniture will be undertaken by BCV Movers to

ensure safe transport.

2. **Scope of Services:**
2.1 BCV Movers will handle items with utmost care during the loading process to prevent

2.2 Unloading at the new location will occur on the pre-negotiated date.
2.3 Reassembly of any furniture disassembled for the move will be performed as required. 2.4 Furniture will be strategically placed in requested positions.
2.5 BCV Movers is responsible for the removal and proper disposal of all packing materials.

3. **Customer Responsibilities:**
3.1 The customer acknowledges full legal responsibility for all items being moved.
3.2 Timely presence at the agreed-upon time is a crucial customer responsibility.
3.3 The customer is responsible for securing suitable parking within 40 feet of access. 3.4 Ensuring indoor spaces are clear and driveways are debris-free is imperative.
3.5 Clearing walkways and driveways to facilitate loading and unloading is the customer's

3.6 The customer must secure pets and small children during the moving process.
3.7 Appliances to be moved must be disconnected from gas or electricity by the customer. 3.8 If BCV Movers is not providing packing services, the customer is responsible for emptying

all furniture.

4. **Additional Charges:**
4.1 Accessorial charges may apply for the transport of grand pianos, pianos, weight-lifting

equipment, hot tubs, safes, or other large items.

4.2 Charges may be incurred for moving items above the ground floor without elevator access, working through inadequate doorways or stairs, and finding unsuitable parking areas.

5. **Hazardous Cleanup:**
5.1 Hazardous cleanup, such as varmint defection or remains, may necessitate an additional

charge, ranging from $25 to $100.

6. **Payment:**
6.1 Payment, reflecting the agreed-upon services, is due promptly upon completion.

7. **Damage Claim:**
7.1 Any damage claims must be addressed and reported upon the completion of services.

8. **Cancellation Policy:**
8.1 While BCV Movers will make every effort to accommodate rescheduling, a cancellation fee

of $75.00 will be imposed if cancellation becomes necessary.

9. **Terms and Conditions:**
9.1 Unenforceable provisions of this agreement will not affect the remaining provisions, which

will remain in full effect.
9.2 Changes to this agreement require written approval by both parties.
9.3 Disputes will be resolved in the state of Idaho, applying Idaho state law.
9.4 BCV Movers may pursue legal remedies for funds not received as agreed to in this Moving

Services Contract.
9.5 BCV Movers explicitly disclaims any security interest in the customer's property.
9.6 All necessary licenses and insurances required by applicable state and federal laws are

maintained and up to date.
9.7 Certain items, such as fragile or potentially dangerous ones, will be moved at the owner's

9.8 This contract remains in effect until BC Movers completes the agreed-upon services.

10. **Confidentiality:**
10.1 BCV Movers commits to maintaining the confidentiality of private information, including

names, addresses, records, documents, or notes.

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